Growing tomatoes this summer? Try this to keep snails away!

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In this quick video I'll be showing you how to keep snails from eating your tomato plants! Find the copper tape used in the video here:

No snails were harmed while making this video, as I like snails. This method is way more humane than using poisons or traps, as they don't get harmed in the slightest. Enjoy the video everyone!

DIY Perks
DIY Perks Acum 2 ani
Find the copper tape used in the video here: No snails were harmed while making this video, as I like snails. This method is way more humane than using poisons or traps, as they don't get harmed in the slightest. Enjoy the video everyone!
Tom Rivera
Tom Rivera Acum 20 ore
I don’t know about you guys but I have tomatoe plants and haven’t seen one snail. So we’re can i find snails so I can try this also does this work with chickens
I killed that beard guy
I killed that beard guy Acum 7 Zile
@Simonino BenHa France??
Bindass Muneeb
Bindass Muneeb Acum 8 Zile
Enrico Allam
Enrico Allam Acum 8 Zile
give it more volts more electricity
ciudades de latam
ciudades de latam Acum 27 Zile
Are you sick
The Artistic Realm
The Artistic Realm Acum 11 ore
Could someone please tell me the music in here??
The Artistic Realm
The Artistic Realm Acum 11 ore
*Everyone's gangsta till the battery runs out!*
Tom Rivera
Tom Rivera Acum 20 ore
Does it work with chickens too
Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph Acum 23 ore
"No snails were hurt". You sound like a total bitch. What the fuck are you worried about, the Liberals coming after you? Grow a pair you spineless wimp.
comic vision
comic vision Acum o Zi
Or you can simply hang the containers or use racks
e henry
e henry Acum 4 Zile
Well trained snails
Gratifying Vine
Gratifying Vine Acum 5 Zile
Simple dc shock to 🐌
Loris Hofer
Loris Hofer Acum 6 Zile
"no snails were harmed (...) as they don't get harmed in the slightest" dude they literally get an electric shock
no Acum 2 Zile
@Loris Hofer not really, 'not harmed' can mean a lot of thins in this case it means that they only got shocked slightly, like electrical fences you see for cows (that would be a comparison for us) we dont get hurt by it for long, just a bit for a short period of time, you can see this by the snails reaction
Loris Hofer
Loris Hofer Acum 5 Zile
@mr. somebody but his statement that they don't get harmed (desc, pinned comment) is false
mr. somebody
mr. somebody Acum 5 Zile
@Loris Hofer yeah, that was intended
Loris Hofer
Loris Hofer Acum 5 Zile
@mr. somebody they got hurt
mr. somebody
mr. somebody Acum 5 Zile
But did they die?
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries Acum 6 Zile
You have a ton of snails man. I think you may have a snail problem.
Gambiarte Acum 6 Zile
Connect to the mains and fry them! hahahahah
asha devi
asha devi Acum 7 Zile
nikolaos stavrou
nikolaos stavrou Acum 7 Zile
its time for escargot !
Waqas Ahmad
Waqas Ahmad Acum 7 Zile
your are genie's and soo brilliant idea 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pauli GOAT
Pauli GOAT Acum 7 Zile
logan paul would get striked for this
Pencil Acum 8 Zile
Adorable little farm destroyer
Kyle Acum 8 Zile
You waterproof the battery but when it rains the battery is gonna be short-circuited anyways.
David Polacek
David Polacek Acum 5 Zile
Lau Tak
Lau Tak Acum 8 Zile
how about if rainy, battery still work?
OlympusMTP Acum 8 Zile
yes is water proof
MrSeeks Acum 8 Zile
Looks like they're getting high off it ... snail night club
Just a Nerd
Just a Nerd Acum 8 Zile
How many snails do you have???
Colin Partridge
Colin Partridge Acum 10 Zile
Now wondering about how this will scale to protecting a whole raised bed. Maybe with rechargeable batteries and a solar charger.
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason Acum 10 Zile
everyone talking about 3 phase.... "im an electrician, use all 3 legs of the circuit" Yeah, cant wait for that snail to turn into a 30,000 degree ball of plasma when all 3 legs cross...., and your tomato plant? That will be the kindling that starts your garage on fire.
Harmless? Yeah tell that to the poor starving snails. Its just cook... wait a second, cook is such a weird word, it has two os yet it sounds like it only has one. Yummy snails are yummy.
no Acum 2 Zile
its harmless, and snails can find food somewhere else
Din Tas
Din Tas Acum 11 Zile
Use coffee grounds to keep snails away.
Dennis Acum 11 Zile
Cool trick, but doesn't the battery drain very fast this way?
Ira Acum 11 Zile
Just surround the area with salt
Stany Bodson
Stany Bodson Acum 11 Zile
I thought they would foil the electrical setup by climbing themselves (like a ladder), but alas! Still, there was hope (or so I interpreted) at 2:10, we clearly see the smartest of the bunch, running towards the battery! J'ai pensé qu'ils déjoueraient le montage électrique en s'escaladent eux-mêmes (comme une échelle), mais hélas ! Pourtant, il y avait de l'espoir (ou alors j'ai interprété) à 2:10, on voit clairement le plus intelligent de la bande, courir vers la batterie !
syamsul arifin
syamsul arifin Acum 12 Zile
Can you make protector from bugs and aphids ? And what did you use to get the great picture of that video ?
Ahmed Salvatore
Ahmed Salvatore Acum 12 Zile
X Acum 12 Zile
Just don't let the leaves or plants get too low otherwise the snails can bridge the defences by climbing up them instead.
Shreyash Telang
Shreyash Telang Acum 12 Zile
Imagine getting cooked snails with tomatoes.
Fire soul
Fire soul Acum 12 Zile
Extra but works
IAMSKY Acum 14 Zile
how come there are so many snails #faked
Thelast_og Acum 14 Zile
I don’t even grow tomatoes yet I’m here 😂
Buisang Ndlozi
Buisang Ndlozi Acum 14 Zile
Someone used a second hand tesla battery
RC PATAPOUF Acum 15 Zile
it's kind of satisfaysing how a snail walk, if we can say that it walk
Noah Tellstrom
Noah Tellstrom Acum 15 Zile
can you do this with a car battery?
Dhirendra Sahay
Dhirendra Sahay Acum 15 Zile
Should have joint a led also, when they completing the loop, the led may blink I think.
Sarcasm Acum 15 Zile
I bet now that I watched this, youtube will recommend me snail and tomato growing videos for the next month. Seriously... Watched one video about a bonsai tree last week and my youtube recommendations have been everything about the history of bonsai trees for a week now.
SuctioncupSenpai Acum 16 Zile
Now hook it to a car battery
PowerfulVeganHands Acum 16 Zile
Poor fuckers
Skelli Acum 17 Zile
Monolithic excavators dreging up untold sums of rock and ore, continent spanning logistic networks distributing materials to factories producing 1000s of units an hour, 24 hours a day; all to make a snail go "oof ouchie" to keep them away from the tomatos. It's a funny little world we live in.
Jamie Jobb
Jamie Jobb Acum 18 Zile
The outdoor "fix" at the end won't work once it rains or a sprinkler floods the battery.
Ed19601 Acum 19 Zile
My chickens like snails too
Lyuben Slavov
Lyuben Slavov Acum 20 Zile
Interesting! But how long the battery lasts?
electric Saiyan
electric Saiyan Acum 20 Zile
U know that's good
Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle Acum 22 Zile
Snailes: Lets invade the Neighbours yard.
Shova Nepal
Shova Nepal Acum 26 Zile
What happens to the snails
sithum vihanga
sithum vihanga Acum 26 Zile
teeta peter
teeta peter Acum 26 Zile
Wow,Brilliant idea,Thanks for sharing,I will try this in my garden😍👍
ZGRED Acum 28 Zile
its ok but can you make it harmul?
Dennis Duran
Dennis Duran Acum 28 Zile
I’ve put a battery on my tongue 😛 before. Weird tingling sensation
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Acum 28 Zile
4:10 u can make the hole a lot bigger, this way the plant can grow normally
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Acum 28 Zile
How many snails r in this guys garden😂
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Acum 28 Zile
It’s all fun and games until it rains, the water connects the + and - together, the battery heats up and explodes
Suchinthana Wijesundara
Suchinthana Wijesundara Acum 29 Zile
nice work
Thunder Kat
Thunder Kat Acum 29 Zile
Eventually they will understand how it works and force a short-circuit to deplete the battery...
TaaRiiFrp Acum 29 Zile
Filip Janouš
Filip Janouš Acum 29 Zile
Nice idea, it would be hard to scale up with the batteries though, so I think I'm just gonna use an extension chord with 230 volts. Fancy some fired snails anyone? :D
mahesh chandekar
mahesh chandekar Acum lună
12v parasonic new battery is so powerfull snails were harmed it
Vasco Dundev
Vasco Dundev Acum lună
Strap a car battery on there and you got yourself a french dinner!😂😂😂
all new
all new Acum lună
Tayler Johnson
Tayler Johnson Acum lună
The snails and I have something in common, we both want tomatoes and don’t have any
Adrian Dobre
Adrian Dobre Acum lună
One question... If it rains, isn't it creating a short circuit the for the battery?
Thamer765 eikhala
Thamer765 eikhala Acum lună
thes free nise
Victor Acum lună
Be careful with the battery because you don't want to get chemical poisoning!
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan Acum lună
I hade this vidoe,🙄🥱😠😠👎👃
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan Acum lună
I hade this video
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez Acum lună
Gary 🐌 has shoes 👞 remember that show? Spongebob
Alireza Gh
Alireza Gh Acum lună
Amine Mohamed
Amine Mohamed Acum lună
piyush roy
piyush roy Acum lună
Yes this is wirking
Adi Mihaiuc
Adi Mihaiuc Acum lună
This guy has a snail farm. He should talk to France.
Mr. Random Guy • 32M views
Mr. Random Guy • 32M views Acum lună
Electrocuting snails lol
Raina Singh
Raina Singh Acum lună
Pike on a trike
Pike on a trike Acum lună
Just a bunch of snails growing batterys
Rudy Cornelis van Doorn
Rudy Cornelis van Doorn Acum lună
I wan't to fry them !!!
Remix Rockers
Remix Rockers Acum lună
Snail is going to curse you 🤣🤣😂😂
Remix Rockers
Remix Rockers Acum lună
Lol so many 🐌
Liquid Peppermint
Liquid Peppermint Acum lună
Snails evolve to have electrical resistance and begin to climb upon electrical towers
Killua Gon
Killua Gon Acum lună
Poor snails😢😢
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Acum lună
dude you have a snail problem. about 10 in one go dude. do you not get annoyed by that?
uulagen_ Acum lună
Someone needs to try thiss
Johnny Sun
Johnny Sun Acum lună
this is completely overkill, i think a piece of cardboard used as an overhang would be enough
troyguererro 08
troyguererro 08 Acum lună
Me: plugs in my 8s 20p LifePo4 battery pack.
Kavya Kagula
Kavya Kagula Acum lună
isula.Perera Acum lună
Mohd Mokim
Mohd Mokim Acum lună
🐌 cross sharp knives and jagged blades unharmed. Fact...
Bermanfaat kah?
Martin Labuda
Martin Labuda Acum lună
Wow, I can not belive how greatly this contrapsion works. Love your videos, keep it up :)
ASHRAF Acum lună
Disclaimer: No snail were harmed in this video 🐌😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Coleman
Ryan Coleman Acum lună
Where do yo ulive that you have SOOOOOOOOOO many snails??
Hector Anchiets
Hector Anchiets Acum lună
Que malo eso no se hace :( :c
Khodijah Dijah
Khodijah Dijah Acum lună
Na Acum lună
U got me the first half not gonna lie tho
StarDroGeN Acum lună
Call me French cause all I see is free food, and im not talking about the tomatoes :)
DIY Perks
DIY Perks Acum lună
khaleel Kk
khaleel Kk Acum lună
Better make tomatoes away!
W Walker Hankey
W Walker Hankey Acum lună
You don't need to add the battery and all the other crap - snail/slug slime naturally creates an electrical current when it comes into contact with copper, which will repel them
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