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DIY 'brass' PC
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marcus Acum 9 minute
i love asus monitors! HDMI plugins FTW!
Mervelous Prince
Mervelous Prince Acum 12 minute
make a hidden water-colling pc in next time, Please?
Avinder Singh
Avinder Singh Acum 31 minut
1 watt led reflector i need
Chris Acum 34 minute
the cooling performs exactly the same "ACOUSTICALLY"
CrashChannel Acum oră
For work or play you thik they will let it on the plane looks like some bomb or something
Joe de Brito
Joe de Brito Acum 3 ore
This would be amazing for live-streaming/broadcast professionals!!
Sasta Pasta
Sasta Pasta Acum 4 ore
which lamp is that?
Jubrian Acum 4 ore
This dude can make his own rocket and launch himself to the Mars
Samuel Suarez
Samuel Suarez Acum 5 ore
pls!!! make a HUGE PC like a TV...
Just Go Travel
Just Go Travel Acum 5 ore
What? Take a powerfull laptop, 2 lcd screens, put it in a suitcase and you have same setup. Was this videos for views or to explain stupidity at it's best?
clockwork orange
clockwork orange Acum 5 ore
They clearly could have made the ps5 less bulky in design... but then they'd have to make it even smaller later when they sell their "slim" version to scalpers and suckers in a few years. 😂
Grey Fox
Grey Fox Acum 6 ore
Def eye catching but is weird on the side. Amazing work man.
nishant chaudhary
nishant chaudhary Acum 6 ore
Kindly provide link for music played in the end during comparison.
Bruno Varoto
Bruno Varoto Acum 7 ore
good to see a rocket league player
Justin Drentlaw
Justin Drentlaw Acum 7 ore
What! No built-in charging circuit?! I'm a little disappointed haha. Really though, this is a really solid build for sure. Thanks for sharing!
Kevin L.
Kevin L. Acum 7 ore
Are you selling these?
Jason Song Food
Jason Song Food Acum 7 ore
This guy: So take apart the camera, create a copper heat sink, prototype a water cooling system, then create a 3D printed heatsink. And there you go you have a great cooling system! Me: Uhh.... how do I work this microwave?
herobrine Acum 7 ore
Super cool
Ziyad Malik
Ziyad Malik Acum 7 ore
what a deja vu watching this
virgil smith
virgil smith Acum 8 ore
if it generates enough heat see it can run a sterling engine or two :)
Dakota Price-Williams
Dakota Price-Williams Acum 9 ore
How much and you should in grave a ps symbol and fill it with silver
sandy lyle
sandy lyle Acum 9 ore
How do you make it read disks?
YTuser45 Acum 9 ore
Uhhh do I need an hdmi input? I just want it to be an extension of the other screen. I don’t know what to look for.
YTuser45 Acum 9 ore
If anyone is seeing this and is confused like I am, try this too:
Jerry Acum 9 ore
I want one.
YTuser45 Acum 9 ore
Very not helpful… I need to wire up the monitor, and some cables were cut. I have no idea how any of the circuitry works.
YTuser45 Acum 9 ore
Well I cut some wires off while removing the camera and microphone. Idk if those are important or if I can replace them
YTuser45 Acum 10 ore
Can this be made to work vertically, like on the side of a desktop?
YTuser45 Acum 10 ore
Can this be removed from a computer and plugged into another?
Ceras Tech
Ceras Tech Acum 10 ore
Don't think Rocket League is good way to test GPU temps, certainly not on a 3080 but this rig is beautiful. I love everything this man creates.
My Paintings By Pradeep Ghosh
My Paintings By Pradeep Ghosh Acum 10 ore
Thanks for the video. Also You have gift of very good voice. Documentary films, story narration, audio books, movie trailer voice over and also radio. Please don't mind, hope your voice should be heard....... forever.....
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes Acum 10 ore
About 20 years ago I heard about the freezer trick. Recently a 4TB drive died full of videos . I had the drive 100 percent backed up so I did not worry about losing Data. So I took a wack at seeing if the freezer trick would work. I sealed the drive in a plastic zip lock bag and put it in the freezer over night. The theory that expansion and contraction from temperature will free up the stuck heads. To my surprise it worked. That being said I don't trust the drive now, but had I not had the data backed up I could have retrieved it. Maybe. The trouble with 4 terabytes though it takes as long as a day to copy that data off of it, who know it the drive would have operated that long, so I did not try. I just formatted the drive did a disk scan, and use it as a temporary dumping ground for data now. But it is still working.
Maclura Acum 10 ore
so you reinvented the luggable computer
Donnie XL
Donnie XL Acum 10 ore
i smoke weed and watch these videos while talking to myself as if i contributed to the build. "Wait, are using mdf.....hmmm, briliiant!"
ALL CAPS Acum 11 ore
Still waiting for an updated projector video thats easier to build.
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Rodrigo Ribeiro Acum 11 ore
This is what i wanted to see for my entire life Thanks for existing
WhiteBeard SkyDaddy
WhiteBeard SkyDaddy Acum 12 ore
A loom in NUM!! ( small lol, because I am aware of the etymology) Great project, great video.
Impulse SSJ
Impulse SSJ Acum 13 ore
mans has the ability to build 2 in ones better then what is actually sold by companies
tim wegman
tim wegman Acum 13 ore
This is amazing and is going me a great idea well it's your idea I'm just going to use it. So my home office is decorated in antiques like petroleana, old Tonka trucks and oil cans so a computer stands out and looks terrible and my laptop is dieing so I want to duplicate this build and I'm thinking about using a cell phone to power it. I have a iPhone 10xr or a Galaxy 10 either I can use. Do you see any problem doing this? I seen you connect one and it was perfect looking so would I retain most standard PC functions? I seen you connect a keyboard and mouse can I do that and a printer or an external hard drive? Please if anyone has done this could you give me tips or show me a link to someone that's done it? Thank you in advance, I am so excited for this to work. P. S you mention desktop mode for the phone do either of the phones I mention have this ability?
Paulo Leal
Paulo Leal Acum 14 ore
Great, you is genie!
Emcipio Acum 14 ore
Someone needs to get this man a Tormach CNC Mill. Hand drilled and jigsawed backplates? And it looks excellent even with hand work.
Corey DRIZZLE Acum 15 ore
yeah its not tho. this is kinda trash tbh
Lee Sweets
Lee Sweets Acum 15 ore
Where is the wooden locking mechanism under the shelf to hold the monitor in place? Its there at 15:28 but its gone two seconds later at 15:30.
Ishak Guir
Ishak Guir Acum 15 ore
Does anyone else thought too you were peter Parker?
김용자 Acum 15 ore
cool idea
Sri Tec 4u
Sri Tec 4u Acum 16 ore
Grade job.....👍
Denise Joyce
Denise Joyce Acum 16 ore
Are you selling this as a Kit so people can place the parts themselves at home in your smaller kit?
Zesty Acum 16 ore
Easy method Add raspberry pi to old monitor!!
Ronald Collins
Ronald Collins Acum 16 ore
Bro your hard work and can do attitude alone is all the reasons I need to watch this channel. Amazing job.
Cleanitfixit Acum 16 ore
I'm not even a "gamer" but if this were on the market I would buy it just to display. Well done transformation of a PS5.
David Bishop
David Bishop Acum 16 ore
I want one!!!! 😱🤯
Roshan Varma
Roshan Varma Acum 17 ore
This channel has the most expensive DIY stuffs on the internet.
Arun Rana
Arun Rana Acum 18 ore
This is the new tech for traveling youtubers. Stream from anywhere while on vacation.
Arun Rana
Arun Rana Acum 17 ore
Plus this looks like a incomplete setup, additions need to be made to turn this into a true MOBILE stream station. I know because I'm a travelling tattoo artist: quick extraction and compression of your work station is a time saving KEY.
Edvin Taivainen
Edvin Taivainen Acum 19 ore
how can i buy this. dude this is amazing. i honestly HATE the original look.
Basuki Sugito
Basuki Sugito Acum 19 ore
Looking so homemade
Ahmad Rezaie
Ahmad Rezaie Acum 19 ore
why does this guy look so similar to Tobey Maguire?
Mc_Glitch Acum 20 ore
Does this work the same as headsets?
Kunal Ghosh
Kunal Ghosh Acum 20 ore
You are giving me new ideas with each project. Thanks.
Jan H.
Jan H. Acum 20 ore
i hate and love this guy... I love him for the great DIY things hes producing. i hate him for the great DIY things hes producing, cause you can see whats Possible but im not able to enable...
Rasoul Khandan
Rasoul Khandan Acum 21 oră
Hi dear friend I really enjoy your clever and creative solutions. Please add the same English subtitle to this video. Thank
Mr 0high0
Mr 0high0 Acum 23 ore
I wanna buy that…
عمر ج
عمر ج Acum o Zi
Build startup company, and sell with low price, idea is simple and smart, nice skills , we all support you. Also make new idea video. Great explanation too
Ma gic
Ma gic Acum o Zi
Excellent! Well done! Have you done testing on rock wool?
Tony Privat
Tony Privat Acum o Zi
You should add dust catchers behind the metal mesh. <3
Pablo Slalom
Pablo Slalom Acum o Zi
I need to make the noises from my neighbours quieter,.. making a wall of towels would dim the sound comming from outside to the inside of my home? Or is this only for making "quality sound" thing?
S . L . R . Z . R . 1
S . L . R . Z . R . 1 Acum o Zi
6:39 you can use washer between the nut and aluminum , or between aluminum it well work better. 😃
Martin Pyott
Martin Pyott Acum o Zi
I'll be damned you used the same cooling mod as on my Canon 600D that I made 4 years ago.
sharpi o lover
sharpi o lover Acum o Zi
what demon tucks their shirt in and wears NO belt???
yedu kn
yedu kn Acum o Zi
Perfect for a workation :) Hats off!
Trung Le
Trung Le Acum o Zi
App Xprt
App Xprt Acum o Zi
Dust or spit touching any sector could very literally destroy data.. Build a poor man's clean room...
App Xprt
App Xprt Acum o Zi
There's a better 1st method... Hold it flat in the air and barely shimmy it back and forth while it's trying to spin up and holding it in midair (along an imaginary X axis) (upside down even). This will actually cause the disks to start a slight spin which can be enough to allow the motor to get it going, without an abrupt shock like knocking it on any surface. This recently worked multiple times on a drive identical to the one in this video. You could make a poor man's clean room with some plywood, plexiglass and a vacuum cleaner.
Soyz Acum o Zi
Such a nice, clean and professional looking build! Good job!
Charles Ong
Charles Ong Acum o Zi
You last old but working laptop could be repurposed as a Chromebook using either free Neverware Cloudready Chromium or the actual Chrome OS that works like in a cheap Chromebook.
Matthew Baboolal
Matthew Baboolal Acum o Zi
How must I connect it for power delivery?
Rhizometric Reality
Rhizometric Reality Acum o Zi
The only thing I'd change is I'd put it inside a bigger leather sleeve for transportation.
The Ansilgregory Show
The Ansilgregory Show Acum o Zi
Gorgeous just Gorgeous
Alyssa Lewis
Alyssa Lewis Acum o Zi
I absolutely love how u explain things! If only everyone else could briefly but detailed perfectly! That’s cool video!
Miloo Acum o Zi
Oh wow! That idea for increasing the size of the magnet was pure genius!!