Building DIY LED lights
Building an invisible PC
Testing a $1000 LED
DIY 'brass' PC
Peter's dauda
Peter's dauda Acum 14 ore
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Andrew Jack
Andrew Jack Acum 14 ore
Her method surprises me,When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was made up stories till I was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don't regret the move I made because I invested in a big way
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Laura Ness Acum 14 ore
Nice to know someone else trade with her. I have been working with her for some months now she's the best in crypto..
Ruth Harris
Ruth Harris Acum 14 ore
@Tagan Rose Funny enough, a friend that I referred to her received a profit of $6950 after 5days of investment and I became jealous lol..
Jennifer Ken
Jennifer Ken Acum 14 ore
Wow amazing to see that other people also trade with Mrs Melissa. I'm currently on my fourth trade with her and my portfolio has grown tremendously.
BigBoDoge Acum 14 ore
I love woody retro design rather than modern design
Christopher Spotts
Christopher Spotts Acum 15 ore
I desperately want one of these for my own build. It's not terribly practical but wow! What a conversation piece and you can't argue with those performance metrics. Once my situation is a bit more permanent (student at the moment so nothing is static) I'll definitely be emulating this build, albeit with different materials (I've got a different aesthetic going).
Michael Athlan
Michael Athlan Acum 15 ore
Hello I have an r6 do you think that canon with a new firmware could push the limit of 36 minutes, maybe with a lighter 4K codec, because really at this price it is abused
SlowPCGaming Acum 15 ore
You can have the exact type of tubing you want made to your specifications from materials far more robust than fragile acrylic that breaks so easily.
Darnel McClary
Darnel McClary Acum 15 ore
Im sorry but whoever gave this a thumbs down you dumb as hell seriously this is freaking amazing Great job on this build man i please get a build from you this is freaking awesome i really appreciate all your work just freak amazing
Doch Acum 16 ore
I honestly wouldn’t mind having a pc like this if I ever have my own home
The Happy End
The Happy End Acum 16 ore
I was wondering if this project, instead of using it with desktop and mobile can also be used used a raspberry pi controller and used as a magic mirror touch screen. It will we so awesome if that could be done.
mani king gamer yt
mani king gamer yt Acum 16 ore
Can u sell this product to me..
John Osam
John Osam Acum 16 ore
Just Subbed, this is the second video I watched on your channel and I never thought this would be the build video that I would like, it is very experimental, scientific and artistic in a sense that this huge prototype looks beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing. I could see this on my setup.
steamingpileofspaghetti Acum 16 ore
Holy, shit. You need to figure out how to sell this QUICK.
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Acum 17 ore
You should open up the psu and remove the fan
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Acum 17 ore
Its basically water cooled
Rag Na
Rag Na Acum 18 ore
Edward Tagg
Edward Tagg Acum 18 ore
You speak beautifully. I suggest you hit the gym, and audition for the next superman role, maybe in 5 years time (straight bloke advice). Cheers.
Hollow Shun
Hollow Shun Acum 19 ore
The iron PC!
astan fartin
astan fartin Acum 19 ore
im a snail and i would just like to take this opportunity to call u an ass
Solace Acum 20 ore
what if your pc gets asthma?
Nicolás Muñoz
Nicolás Muñoz Acum 20 ore
What a awesome job mate! greetings from Chile
Tài Phát Nguyễn
Tài Phát Nguyễn Acum 20 ore
Shane Kuwanda
Shane Kuwanda Acum 21 oră
But you can harm the cables or spray paint the lens
Anthony Ortega
Anthony Ortega Acum 21 oră
this is the first time in a few years since I have actually been excited to see something like this. I am learning Cybersecurity science and am also into everything else PC so this has completely and utterly left me in total awe.
Erik Mm
Erik Mm Acum 22 ore
I wonder how much the micro mobos power delivery helped cpu thermals
Trexadecimal Acum 22 ore
“Hang on, my computer’s lungs aren’t working, I need to fix it”
xpeterCZ Acum 22 ore
It's good, but as a proud PC gamer I think it lacks RGB, I'd add atleast 10 rgb strips. Just put them around... everything, the whole case, the opening air covers, the whole breathing glass thing. If im not blinded by rainbow lights as it turns on its not a real good pc.
Kaley Goode
Kaley Goode Acum 23 ore
Sounds like a breast pump... Just sayin'😅
Jonathan Osterman
Jonathan Osterman Acum 23 ore
They've already started breathing and there's still no sign of John Connor yet, I just pray he's alive.
Steveplays Acum 23 ore
Damn this is awesome :D
C. Music
C. Music Acum 23 ore
You Sir have an amazingly well practiced brain. I am in awe!
Prakhar Sharma
Prakhar Sharma Acum o Zi
"to light up all sorts of areas in your own life" *cries in the corner*
myrwell dellosa
myrwell dellosa Acum o Zi
could you include total costs.
L.V Acum o Zi
dude you shoudl manufacture and sell these things! thats revolutionary its fantastic much more space efficient
Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers Acum o Zi
This was amazing to watch. I enjoyed the nickel issue the most. Let's see what needs servicing first!
Develoquent Acum o Zi
Check out this monitor! Its a tablet, smartTv, and Monitor in one device!
Trippezine Acum o Zi
this is exactly what i did
Lesswanted Acum o Zi
You are one step closer to became a supervillain
Lauren D
Lauren D Acum o Zi
Timmy Acum o Zi
What is a 'graphics card'?
JustKeith Acum o Zi
You can clearly tell how much knowledge and experience this person has. It's astounding how his creativity coalesce with his scientific and life knowledge/experience.
Al chemi
Al chemi Acum o Zi
I know I'm 3 months late to this, but this is great. I'm currently in a situation where I have very limited space, and could really use lots of shelves. So this entire idea is perfect. Though I'm gonna be looking to make the monitor come down against the wall rather than forward in order to further maximize space.
a Micronized Pal
a Micronized Pal Acum o Zi
loads of people DIYs artificial sunlight, but the parabolic reflector dish and the soup-dipped liquid tank is the deciding factor that makes the result extremely close to the real daylight and very realistic.
Uttam Deb
Uttam Deb Acum o Zi
My old laptop's hinge broke and suddenly now it's a tablet.
Blaueparteiböse Acum o Zi
This is such a cool build i really wanna have it :D
Devin N
Devin N Acum o Zi
I just stumbled upon this channel and couldn’t be happier
XaviaFH Acum o Zi
Now I wanna make one of these
O-maZ Acum o Zi
me: *pick up a hammer and look at my laptop*
John von Shepard
John von Shepard Acum o Zi
Dave Etchells
Dave Etchells Acum o Zi
Wow, brilliant idea, to use electroplating to bump up the magnet diameter! I’ve tucked it away for some future time when I might face a similar challenge. Thanks!
Anish Bajpai
Anish Bajpai Acum o Zi
Still no idea why nobody is making these. 🤦🏽‍♂️ @DIYPerks How do I go about finding a USB-C DP Alt Mode controller for this? So that it can handle both video and power?
itsFinee Acum o Zi
why not just buy a BT 5.0 capable mouse so you dont need a dongle at all........? smh
Jac Acum o Zi
You actually also wipe the operating system and install windows to USB so then you can actually put windows on these diy laptops
Billy Hudson
Billy Hudson Acum o Zi
would love to see a bit of smoke being pulled through it
D K Acum o Zi
Wow incredible work in field of processor cooling.
myrwell dellosa
myrwell dellosa Acum o Zi
i was actually hoping hed be using projectors. haha
whetherwepieces Acum o Zi
youre f***ing lovely maniac
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Acum o Zi
This seems oddly beautiful almost like an animal in a documentary.
ep1c Acum o Zi
pro tip: if you find a smashed up thinkpad like this, you can sell the motherboard and ram for a decent profit on ebay
Will Howell
Will Howell Acum o Zi
Awesome work!!!
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz Acum o Zi
because you said that the finished product will be very slimline could you use it as a tablet?
Grandioso! gracias por la inducción e información, para estar mas seguro le podría hacer en una cabina de vidrio con filtro de ppm y realizar la maniobra descrita en su video. interesante.
xC_R_A_S_H Acum o Zi
If you have a camera to with it you can make an auto turret.
AUSABO Acum o Zi
my dumbass thought the title said “the worlds first fire breathing pc” and I watched the whole thing thinking where’s the fire?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Acum o Zi
now put em in series 😈
strawtech8 Acum o Zi
i now hate snails after watching this. i used to like them but after seeing what they could do to plants if i wanted to plant anything. no if i will ever plant tomatoes or something i will consider this
Marlon KT
Marlon KT Acum o Zi
Uses electrolysis to coat a magnet to increase its diameter. Impressed regarding how tf you even thought to do that in the first place
Eugene Kapombe
Eugene Kapombe Acum o Zi
This one like for this video is given at 1500w, you know that's a lot😄
Ahtung Entertainment IV
Ahtung Entertainment IV Acum o Zi
this is the early video of yours..and this is the beginning of your success channel in making more amazing videos.. untill now..!
Suf Acum o Zi
Man creates Raspberry Pi casing for PS5
Abe Coulter
Abe Coulter Acum o Zi
harman/kardon and JBL are the same company, owned by samsung
Atharv Bellary
Atharv Bellary Acum o Zi
sir this was truly great you did this only for us ........ love you and your videos waiting for the day when you reach 10 million subs
Tech tutorial
Tech tutorial Acum o Zi
Congradulations for the first breathing PC.
5962 Lokmanne Balmahdi
5962 Lokmanne Balmahdi Acum o Zi
great idea but i want to know how to do it with 9 cameras or more
waggerdagger Acum o Zi
You are so not overreacting when you test it and see it working (16m). "Impressive work" would be an understatement galore. I'm blown away.
V. Gedace
V. Gedace Acum o Zi
Where to buy? How much $? Kickstarter!
MekkraniuX Acum o Zi
The pump I also a fan
Lesan Victor
Lesan Victor Acum o Zi
@DIY Perks Recently my brother broke (by accident) my monitor and i was wondering if you could make an video about how to reuse it or if you have one already could you tell me the video title and ill search for it