Building DIY LED lights
Building an invisible PC
Testing a $1000 LED
Acum 11 luni
DIY 'brass' PC
Team Acum 10 ore
6:07, that was really perfect.
Girish K
Girish K Acum 13 ore
This is just simply brilliantly done. Very professional approach to the design, build and even the video!! Kudos to you !! How big a hole will this create in the wallet though?? :)
Dilraj Acum 13 ore
Next video,: Building invisible mouse, keyboard and chair.
murata molex
murata molex Acum 13 ore
Use heatshrink the ends of each soldered connection to prevent short-circuiting and also makes your work look more professional.
Chuwee Valiant
Chuwee Valiant Acum 13 ore
I would pay top dollar for this
Candra SH
Candra SH Acum 13 ore
why don't you just buy usb to c adaptor ,there is an other small version.
Murray Schultz
Murray Schultz Acum 14 ore
Incredibly crazy - wow!
Tuấn Tô
Tuấn Tô Acum 14 ore
I look forward to any collaboration between this guy and Linus Tech Tips. Maybe they would figure out some crazy water cooling project
William Bauce
William Bauce Acum 14 ore
would it be possible to hook up snake cameras to a dvr cctv system? Thanks!
Data Soong
Data Soong Acum 14 ore
se ti serve qualche ideaa per DIY fammi sapere
Walking in Shanghai
Walking in Shanghai Acum 15 ore
not bad but can you build an invisible computer and an invisible monitor inside an invisible desk?
Manu Augustine
Manu Augustine Acum 15 ore
I have got a broken touch screen laptop so I was wondering if I could salvage its display
Ethan Hilgert
Ethan Hilgert Acum 15 ore
Was anyone else at the end expecting him to say “this video was filed at night lighting this room I’m in with only these leds”
qzxn gem
qzxn gem Acum 16 ore
better yet root the phone and install linux :)
Scarlet Green
Scarlet Green Acum 16 ore
Just Plugging in the mouse to the phone blew my mind
Matt Acum 16 ore
This is really cool, but imo, a bit too inaccessible with the aluminum. Shame, I really love the idea!
Adam Avery
Adam Avery Acum 17 ore
Mmmmm..... Capped dome nut...... Glahhahahraagr...
Wootwoot Acum 17 ore
Make one to control Bluetooth speakers!
Beverly Mccoy
Beverly Mccoy Acum 17 ore
➡️ ⤵️ B.e.S.T f'u''l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X---❤️😘 ..👍 !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城/*%市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品/*%/*%
Joman Sabile
Joman Sabile Acum 18 ore
Wow 😲 amazing 😍
BolsaChicaRadio Acum 18 ore
This fella (with the funny English Accent...HA!!!) is a modern-day, internet solution, video calling communication genius...!!! And I REALLY DO MEAN THAT! In my video calls, I get SO INCREDIBLY SICK'N'FRICKIN' TIRED of "visually" communicating with someone on the other end, who "thinks" they're looking directly at me, but in reality, are DEFINITELY not! They are ever so obviously looking at their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop "screen" and NOT either the built-in, pee-hole camera, which normally sits ABOVE the screen, or an after-market, somewhat higher quality "internet web-cam". This is so ridiculously irritating for me, especially on LONG video calls. Sometimes (just for kicks & giggles...and to test their intuitiveness on video devices & components) I will humbly ask them, in a kind & respectful tone, if they can "look directly at me & make eye contact with me" by looking DIRECTLY at their camera. Astonishingly...and expecting so...they say, "What are you talking about man? I "AM" looking directly at my computer screen! What in the heck are you taking about???" ( if I am asking them to do an impossible task...something they "think" they are already doing! But in reality, NOT so.) I DO look directly at them, using my after-market Logitech® webcam, by utilizing a MUCH MORE grassroots, less professional, more "makeshift" means. I (believe it or not) got from my household vacuum cleaner, the hard plastic 12" attachment nozzle...the kind with the small, rectangular slit at the end of it, that is made for sucking in dust, hairballs, dust bunnies & dirt, along one's wooden floor or carpeted floor baseboard, where it meets the wall. Still with me??? Then, I stand that 12" nozzle straight up IN FRONT of my desktop LCD screen and then get a mini belt or Velcro latching strap, wrap the nozzle fixture around the neck of the LCD screen to totally secure it in place and place the hinged end piece of the Logitech webcam into the slit! Hence, the net effect, is that the camera apparatus is now "hovering" pretty much "DEAD-CENTER, FRONT ROW SEAT" in front of my LCD computer monitor!!! To make things just a wee bit easier "on-my-end", I will...ever-so-slightly...position their visual return image just mini-micro-millimeters, above the webcam fixture, so obviously, I can see both the lens of my webcam AND their return image, with hardly any variance at all. The funny & hilarious thing about this whole scenario, the person on the "other side" doesn't even KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!! It's all a visual "rabbit-out-of-hat" illusionary complimentary FIX...for THEM!!! Meaning, on their side, THEY SEE ME LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THEM, so their brain "automatically" thinks, they too, are LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME!!! (Which isn't that case, even in the slightest!) And furthermore, when I bring it up to them, as in, "Don't you notice I am making DIRECT EYE CONTACT with you?" They're reply is usually something like, "Ah, well, so am I! I'm looking directly at my computer screen too, looking directly at you. What's you're big deal???" But in reality, we all know, they are most definitely not. They're looking SMACK DAB CENTER IN THE MIDDLE of their screen, to view me...and NOT at their little, itsy-bitsy, impossible-to-see, pin-hole sized camera lens, which is about the size of 1/2 a flea dropping! And, of course, when I make a viable attempt to "try" to explain this whole scenario to them, 99.9% of the time...they are absolutely clueless and have no idea what I am talking about and say I putting WAY-TOO-MUCH-TIME into something my computer ought to automatically "figure-out" by itself! For after all, THEY SEE "ME" LOOKING AT "THEM" they ever so obviously feel, they are too, LOOKING AT ME DEAD-CENTER...which is very hardly the case at all. This whole conundrum dawned on me years ago. I have been working in the pro-audio, radio broadcast industry, for all my life, which has alot of overlap into the traditional broadcast television industry. And I always wondered for the life of me, if TV news anchor men & women were reading their news stories or commentary from a teleprompter, OFF TO THE SIDE of the broadcast camera...but at the same time...LOOKING SMACK DAB DEAD-CENTER RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA LENS...then how in the WORLD can that be, that it "appears" they are looking DIRECTLY into the camera??? That's both physically & dimensionally impossible!!! Indeed, I learned how this was achieved...using the scenario that you so cleverly and profoundly, devised & came up with...THE BENDING OF MIRRORS...and the proper & precise angle it needed to be bent, in order to create the "illusion", that the news desk anchor was looking dead straight into the camera...which wasn't...and still isn't the case at all. It's ALL about the proper MIRRORING work, that is strategically being implemented. Thank you so very much, Mr. DIY PERKS, for bringing this all to our attention and for sharing with us, in GREAT DETAIL, your very precise solution to this age old "Eye Bending" problem! BCRadio
Katie Bellenger
Katie Bellenger Acum 18 ore
you're a clever little cookie
Larry Acum 19 ore
thats quite stunning work, can you do wood finish ??
Tom Rivera
Tom Rivera Acum 19 ore
Does it work with chickens too
Bruno Acum 19 ore
is it possible to 3d print the molds for the concrete? instead of making them in wood
SLT 4K Acum 20 ore
This is hands down the best video I’ve ever seen on ROpost 🎉 I now desperately want to convert my PS5 to brass 👏🏼
Noah Bates
Noah Bates Acum 20 ore
That's amazing!! Apologies as I know the whole idea of this is DIY but is there any place I can buy these or something similar? Thanks!!
Сергей Муравьев
Сергей Муравьев Acum 20 ore
It would be an incredible thing if this light was installed in the subway!
Zabdy Rosas
Zabdy Rosas Acum 20 ore
Can you do this but the screen suspend on the air and ajustable?
gary stewart
gary stewart Acum 20 ore
Outstanding video. Now how about building a diy powerwall? Take the tech from a Tesla powerwall and make it from recycled laptop batteries?
amir emadiyan
amir emadiyan Acum 21 oră
so beautiful
amir emadiyan
amir emadiyan Acum 21 oră
so good
gary stewart
gary stewart Acum 21 oră
Outstanding video. Now how about building a diy powerwall? Take the tech from a Tesla powerwall and make it from recycled laptop batteries?
gary stewart
gary stewart Acum 21 oră
Outstanding video. Now how about building a diy powerwall? Take the tech from a Tesla powerwall and make it from recycled laptop batteries?
SnopFop Acum 21 oră
I absolutely love your path down Brass Alley! I also love that you have included you faillures for others to learn from!
SnopFop Acum 21 oră
WOW just saw the reveal! Now I want to brassify all my stuff :D Starting with my Google Home!
Christian Raymond
Christian Raymond Acum 21 oră
I have 4 drives down now, I am praying to God now that I can recover using this process. 🇺🇸❤️🛹🎥
SnopFop Acum 22 ore
So amazing! I missed this one in my feed. I love your projects and that you share your journey when you step it up!
petacreepers23 Acum 22 ore
Amazing work
James B.
James B. Acum 22 ore
His voice is just so cool, who agrees lol?
Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph Acum 22 ore
"No snails were hurt". You sound like a total bitch. What the fuck are you worried about, the Liberals coming after you? Grow a pair you spineless wimp.
Unknown Acum 22 ore
I feel like I'm watching one of those documentaries about golds and brass
Pride Acum 23 ore
Nobody: Minecraft redstone engineers:
Rick Johansson
Rick Johansson Acum 23 ore
You’re probably not going to read this but it would be awesome to have a similar speaker but instead of a lightbulb, a closed bulb with water inside that “dances” with the bass
Imtihan Ahmed
Imtihan Ahmed Acum 23 ore
The audio quality is absolutely bonkers
thao3456 Acum o Zi
My name is Thao--pronounced towel. Towel is the winner :) I used this to insulate my compressor housing. Awesome!
Farhan Ahmadi
Farhan Ahmadi Acum o Zi
is it just me that thought the PC as the color of the wall that blends in.....
Nihtgenga Lastnamegoeshere
Nihtgenga Lastnamegoeshere Acum o Zi
Would this work with PLA as well?
Dr. Apollo
Dr. Apollo Acum o Zi
You know what? I’m just gonna suffer through another square space add just for this man. He deserves it for making this video.
Dr. Apollo
Dr. Apollo Acum o Zi
I really hope this guy is getting a patent for every invention he creates.
Thomas C
Thomas C Acum o Zi
Give us a few of them GPU’s your using as weights buddy 😅
snoopunit Acum o Zi
@10:57 bro, you ARE world changing. Your videos have completely changed the way I look at consumer electronics. I even folllowed along with a few of your videos for my own projects!
Cecedidic1401 Acum o Zi
Can we do the same thing with an android tablet?
JKewgie Acum o Zi
I was really hoping he was just gonna nail egg cartons to the wall and call it a day
sriyaan m
sriyaan m Acum o Zi
hi perks, once try to transform a desktop pc into a portable laptop. I hope you think about this and make a video on this.
sriyaan m
sriyaan m Acum o Zi
hi perks, once try to transform a desktop pc into a portable laptop. I hope you think about this and make a video on this.
sriyaan m
sriyaan m Acum o Zi
hi perks, once try to transform a desktop pc into a portable laptop. I hope you think about this and make a video on this.
sriyaan m
sriyaan m Acum o Zi
hi perks, once try to transform a desktop pc into a portable laptop. I hope you think about this and make a video on this.
sriyaan m
sriyaan m Acum o Zi
hi perks, once try to transform a desktop pc into a portable laptop. I hope you think about this and make a video on this.
Oliver Harvey
Oliver Harvey Acum o Zi
This guy deserves more on youtube
Oliver Harvey
Oliver Harvey Acum o Zi
Good job dude good luck with ur other projects mate!
Don GuardianAngel
Don GuardianAngel Acum o Zi
Man this guy is a legend
Hatem Acum o Zi
you are amazing and professional, and this lead me to a question, do you work alone or do you have team behind the scene?
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Acum o Zi
I'm an old tech and am really impressed with your channel. Keep it up
Hans Peter Sorensen
Hans Peter Sorensen Acum o Zi
You are something from outer space...I love the idea. I was watching a ROpost clip from a guy using a teleprompter and camcorder...Kkkk I thought that I better see if the diy guy has something better, o boy you just nailed it. All the best from a Dane in Brasil
GStreets Acum o Zi
wooden ps5 ? lets do it lol
R L N VAMSI Acum o Zi
y cant you prepare yourself the spare parts which you made with 3D printer and sell them online
Mohamad Aminzadeh
Mohamad Aminzadeh Acum o Zi
so Build an LED Light-Shelf means buying it and connecting it ? LOL
comic vision
comic vision Acum o Zi
Or you can simply hang the containers or use racks
Abby Obheroi
Abby Obheroi Acum o Zi
Nicely Done Sir! Enjoyed the video. Thanks Matt.
Gohar Abbas Khan
Gohar Abbas Khan Acum o Zi
I want to meet u....
eclectic emerald
eclectic emerald Acum o Zi
Do you think you'd be able to grow plants with this level of light? Definitely seems brighter than the average British day's weather, but I'm not sure how well artificial light works with plants? Although it would probably be far too demanding to keep the light on for several hours a day so maybe not a great idea, but theoretically, would it be possible?
Spike Web
Spike Web Acum o Zi
to much money. Better bought tablet or laptop
Caesar Acum o Zi
0:11 CRT TV: “Let me introduce myself”
mamma yogurt
mamma yogurt Acum o Zi
what pc do u use as ur main pc?
Jay RueMars
Jay RueMars Acum o Zi
thanks for the vid. helped though i did have to do a lot of resoldering, my first time. for anyone wondering though if you have tascam studio headphones (at least in my case) the red wire is on top. ground wire goes on the side. i just fixed my headphones. took hours though.
Lalatendu Swain
Lalatendu Swain Acum o Zi
You are always awesome
what the hell is the point of using these things if it has to be so huge and complicated? a laser dont even use all this stuff to run lol
yo9spk Acum o Zi
Can you make a video about how to turn a laptop keyboard into an external desktop one ?
Amir Zendehboudi
Amir Zendehboudi Acum o Zi
I cant believe that it worked!!!! my hard has buzzing and not working. I just hit him in the face and it worked :D . LOVE you man that was really helpful. THANKS