Building DIY LED lights
Building an invisible PC
Testing a $1000 LED
DIY 'brass' PC
Un-Break-Able Acum 16 ore
Impressive skills! But I still gotta go with the black and white design personally
mohamed abdelhalim
mohamed abdelhalim Acum 16 ore
Thank you! This really helped me +1 sub
ً Acum 16 ore
You should add real tweeters to this
Youness B.
Youness B. Acum 16 ore
Maaan thats amazing
Classic RolePlaying Gamer
Classic RolePlaying Gamer Acum 16 ore
Nice I'm going to buy the kit and try this out on my galaxy s20 phone for a bigger screen and more fun lol
Lon Henrique
Lon Henrique Acum 17 ore
I Love It
THE WORKS SHOP Acum 17 ore
Great project!
cohen Murray
cohen Murray Acum 17 ore
Please Upload the guide I am waiting to build my speakers and I need the guide to make the case. thank you
Robb Ishcomer
Robb Ishcomer Acum 17 ore
this is awesome!!!!
Brickylowa Acum 17 ore
Better path would be to not buy apple products HAHA Love the vids tho !
Surajdeo Kumar
Surajdeo Kumar Acum 19 ore
Your all videos awesome and incredible sir....and this two video best of best....... And hiding wire with floating flowers leafs.....mind blowing....
Avicorn Acum 19 ore
There are few possible issues worth noting with a setup like that. 1. Protection bracket could prevent cooler base from contacting with actual gpu die 2. The die itself could be easyally chipped of by the weight of a cooler if mounted unevenly 3. Cards without build-in heatspreader require extra cooling on memory chips and specially on power bus 4. Weight and size, most motherboards and cases aren't designed for this
straightforward person
straightforward person Acum 19 ore
What about temperature
Skinflaps Meatslapper
Skinflaps Meatslapper Acum 19 ore
Missed a fantastic opportunity for contrast by using a copper sheet for the center rather than another sheet of brass.
Sam Sequeira
Sam Sequeira Acum 19 ore
How to build a DIY **DESK PC** step 1:- have money
Jakalan the man
Jakalan the man Acum 19 ore
Ah yes diy
holycat09 Acum 19 ore
I mean REALLY??? Shouldn't it be titled; "How to re-purpose $25 wireless earbuds by spending $150 on DIY wireless true stereo speakers using a $3000 CNC machine'" ??? If I may suggest, could u do a similar video with much cheaper materials and less DIY work with same internal electronics from wireless earbuds for us cheap-ass citizens? Great DIY video with GREAT RESULTS (except you lost a lot of high end so get better tweeters or tweak it a bit more). Still, I love your videos dude!
Elementalcraft Acum 19 ore
how much did it cost in comparison to a manufactured computer of similar performance?
Darkaxelgaming 2004
Darkaxelgaming 2004 Acum 19 ore
Rich gamers would be jealous this looks cool though!
Lampin Laurels
Lampin Laurels Acum 20 ore
Great work! When can you send it to me? lol jk
lesterjohn eguaras
lesterjohn eguaras Acum 20 ore
This is so cool. hmmm I have a question, can we use 5V power bank as a power source instead of AA batteries?
Chetan Acum 20 ore
what about keyboard and touchpad
Azen Acum 20 ore
I have an question my motherboard is connected with the mousepad and the buttons my laptop is acer aspire 4530
hidronico1 Acum 21 oră
Really cool, I would have added some weights to each unit to keep them from walking at volume
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Acum 21 oră
That actually reminds me of jetpack joyride, where we can change all the vehicles into a gold one
Levenza Mendez
Levenza Mendez Acum 21 oră
Thank u so much.....I made my own USB webcam using old laptop inspired by you and I'm a 13 year old boy
DeeBoss05 Acum 21 oră
Glorious... Just Glorious
sunil shanmukh
sunil shanmukh Acum 21 oră
Y don't u do power bank for laptops
Graham Webb
Graham Webb Acum 22 ore
For those wondering about the wiring of the TTP223 switch - a PC power switch has two connectors (ground and some small voltage, 3.3 Volts on my PC). The circuit is 'active low', which means that when the two contacts are made, the switch operates by pulling the small voltage down to ground. The safe bet is to use a relay, but you don't need it. Solder pad A on the TTP223 so it goes to ground when the switch operates, and connect that to the 3.3V side of the PC switch. Connect the TTP223's ground to the other side of the power switch, and connect the TTP223 supply pin to the power pin of a spare onboard USB port. Since the USB provides 5V it means the output pin of the module sits at around 4V (0.7V higher than my switch) when not in use, so I added a diode facing the TTP223 between the switches 3.3V and the TTP223 output, just in case the motherboard doesn't like being pushed up to 4V. No relay, just three pieces of wire and 3 DuPont connectors.
Shivraj Karkera
Shivraj Karkera Acum 22 ore
Thanks for the video. quite helpful. I wanted to know whether shorting the aux cable by any chance, is a safety hazard when connected to a computer.
Shaun Y
Shaun Y Acum 22 ore
Ear boods
איציק ברוך
איציק ברוך Acum 22 ore
Llama boi 123
Llama boi 123 Acum 22 ore
Where is the guide? I am building a similar setup and am stuck at the circuit part! please help. thanks <3
Aryan4044GAMING Acum 22 ore
Diy perks is second name of creativity
Robrechto honders
Robrechto honders Acum 22 ore
damn, really worked thnx bud! just bought a second hand screen and there was only one small scratch on the surface, so he sold it for a fart. :D
Wezly Acum 22 ore
It's highly recommended
Mohamed Acum 22 ore
The best ROpost channel ever! The only thing that's still needed for this touch-screen is a logo of your own. I think you should think of a logo and a brand name to put on your builds!
Gabriel Gabwilly
Gabriel Gabwilly Acum 23 ore
One light to equal the consumption of all other leds on my house... I like
The Husk
The Husk Acum 23 ore
1.:17 there was (at the time that this video was made). its called slidenjoy which allows you too use three monitors on a laptop. it might be too the side but it is the same principle.
Florian Rein
Florian Rein Acum 23 ore
a more detailed tut of the microphone would be nice
Marian Pugliese
Marian Pugliese Acum 23 ore
serious bang and olufsen vibes!! I'm in love!!
KPbICMAH Acum 23 ore
that's a funny accent... or should I say 'foonny'?
Piotr K
Piotr K Acum 23 ore
Almost 3 milion now... this "quite a lot - 1000 subs" looks so innocently modest rn! :D
Zack C
Zack C Acum o Zi
How are you supposed to pair these when you get a new BT device?
Ramon Camelo
Ramon Camelo Acum o Zi
I just have an ideia, you can build a projector inside the top part to replace the monitor
10_ likha tuesept
10_ likha tuesept Acum o Zi
What about the blue lights
Langalibalele Mtimkulu
Langalibalele Mtimkulu Acum o Zi
bring on the chiller
Warren Heggie
Warren Heggie Acum o Zi
He should open a little shop and make them and sell them the computer make it out of brass
iumjay_ Acum o Zi
Idk man, look gold to me🤷🏻‍♂️
ReanimationXP Acum o Zi
Most of if not all earbud sets will shut off if they are too far apart from each other.. not much wider than the width of an average head. This would obviously severely impede the usefulness of this setup. How did you deal with this?
Random Electronics and Displays
Random Electronics and Displays Acum o Zi
I'm very surprised you didn't build in a charger. Or at least use metal threaded inserts for the screws on the battery access panel.
Giannis Zourntos
Giannis Zourntos Acum o Zi
Hey can you make a diagram of the filters
Reacted Apurba
Reacted Apurba Acum o Zi
Hey Matt, The thing I wanna tell you that can You make a homemade CNC machine?
Scorpio Death
Scorpio Death Acum o Zi
should have had a BMS with a USB-C slot on the back for charging. Otherwise, great job. Design is awesome.
KayDee Acum o Zi
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna Acum o Zi
Great work Matt!! appreciate your choice of projects you do. I have something in my mind (keeps bugging me). A couple of old Android phones lying around, could they be fit to make an Android tv or simply convert a normal LED TV to an Android
LordTechPro Acum o Zi
Clickbait thumbnail, I expected AirPods and got the Galaxy Buds instead
riothero313 Acum o Zi
Your radiator is upside down, the inlet and outlet tubes should be at the bottom to minimize air pockets. Pump position is good though.
HeadRealThin Acum o Zi
Should have watched closer, now I can’t pee!!!
Erkki Laul
Erkki Laul Acum o Zi
I've done that. Good idea.
riothero313 Acum o Zi
Why was it at iso 8000? O_o
elwingy Acum o Zi
That is not high end that is cringy as hell... what is it with people and gold color? This whole gangsta wannabe trend in all kind of objects is hilarious... give me a mate black ps5 please.
Mark Potter
Mark Potter Acum o Zi
0:20 it's mass produced tell that to everyone who can't get hold of one lol EDIT: Really great work by the way loved the video it was oddly satisfying watching you doing this :)
Aditya Dhawan
Aditya Dhawan Acum o Zi
well i have a dual screen laptop purchased in 2020 , totally changed the way i worked .
Aleksandar Grozdanoski
Aleksandar Grozdanoski Acum o Zi
Don't wanna be a grammar nazi or anything, but I hate it when an intelligent ROpostr says cheap prices 🙂
ZarkinDrife Acum o Zi
I wonder if i can do these with old airpods since mine keep turning of randomly
Steve X
Steve X Acum o Zi
While Matt was making 3 wizard-tier videos like this, I proudly changed out a wall light switch without burning the house down and cut some foam shoe insoles darn close to correct size
JennDen Acum o Zi
Why do you look like Harry styles 😍
C-FU gaming
C-FU gaming Acum o Zi
if only i have the knowledge and money to try this out lmao.
rahul patil
rahul patil Acum o Zi
Nice work. Definitely we should reuse good components from the dead devices.
Marcus Barber
Marcus Barber Acum o Zi
Yep. cool idea waaaaay too complex for my poor brain to follow
Guardian Gamer
Guardian Gamer Acum o Zi
Some serious skill test incoming for my carpenter.. I hope he is prepared.
stephen729 Acum o Zi
highend means gold? nah
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh Acum o Zi
Plz transform a single earbud into a small speaker of 1 w or 3w.
Henry Towster
Henry Towster Acum o Zi
Eric B
Eric B Acum o Zi
You should try this with Roxul/Rockwool Safe N Sound, or 709 fibreglass. The results will explain.
ToraFilms Acum o Zi
what if it was made out of arse
Bassem Zammeli
Bassem Zammeli Acum o Zi
Just buy a couple of Anker speakers they are like $30 water proof 24hrs playtime and are pretty much unbreakable.
NikolaiK Acum o Zi
I'm guessing this wouldn't work with my pair of Galaxy Buds that got the laundry machine treatment
kc intobearzz
kc intobearzz Acum o Zi
Omg! Absolutely fabulously beautiful! Gorgeous! One of a kind now n you should b very proud what u hav achieved! BRAVO!!!👏👍👌 Thanks 🙏 you’s so much for this entertaining video as i m a gamer. WOW! I really m speechless!