DIY 'brass' PC
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ukeh fortune
ukeh fortune Acum 7 ore
This guy is just enjoying life with his build
MrDesertFox Acum 8 ore
Thanks for letting us dream to make our own too!
Haxpatty Acum 8 ore
but will it run Crisis?
Don't let linus see this
Lisandro Lima
Lisandro Lima Acum 8 ore
Are you the guy from Game of Thrones?
Tom Low
Tom Low Acum 8 ore
Amazing! Respect your DIY skills. 🔥
Wenchiang Han
Wenchiang Han Acum 9 ore
mineyoucraftube Acum 9 ore
the "you open it dies" thing is true most of the time, i would say about 80-90% of the broken cells where due to dust you where lucky none of them got stuck on one of the heads
Ahmed Ahsam
Ahmed Ahsam Acum 10 ore
I have a spare display assembly of my current laptop... Is there any controller board that connects to the display cable that is already connected to the display assembly??
Huskers12 Acum 10 ore
Putting a pc in an iron lung. Classic
maw kuri
maw kuri Acum 10 ore
9 years ago you look like the conventional geek
maw kuri
maw kuri Acum 10 ore
i thought that was the iron man suit
Naz95K Acum 11 ore
yeah so in winter this just kills itself and wont even work at all :|
Trysoo Acum 11 ore
And how it looks in the night ¿?
CallMeMat Acum 11 ore
I would honestly pay the price for a PS5 like that.
modi2.0 Acum 11 ore
Ricardo G.P
Ricardo G.P Acum 11 ore
Why t fk someone need to watch tv in the garden
David Irvin
David Irvin Acum 11 ore
Only took Linus a whole year to build his :D
Raw Forces
Raw Forces Acum 11 ore
**Son you need to go out instead being sutck with that computer playing.. CC: what am I gonna do outside? **I dunno play maybe DIY perks: say no more
Claptrap Acum 11 ore
You are a mad fucker, and I love it!
h h
h h Acum 12 ore
He really should have showed us how bright it is at night !
xxBlackpspxx Acum 12 ore
You didn't show it in action at night or in darkness? U can't be serious
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo Acum 12 ore
Worked for me! thanks
Michael is no
Michael is no Acum 12 ore
why didn't sony do this?
Agent Ketchup
Agent Ketchup Acum 12 ore
Why do you look like Chris hemsworth and John Cena at the same time
Joshua Herrick
Joshua Herrick Acum 13 ore
You should remake this with a battery and a game console built in or a touch screen and andoid. the digitizer works through tempered glass
craigr306 Acum 13 ore
chefen Acum 14 ore
i am using a logitech stereo as amp but even turned all the way up is super quiet
Regular, Non Threatening - Berries
Regular, Non Threatening - Berries Acum 14 ore
How to build a stealth Playstation 5 step 1: own a ps5
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Acum 14 ore
Wow bro great job❤️
Lord Sajaran
Lord Sajaran Acum 14 ore
Anyone knows the model of wireless Mouse & keyboard he was using? 🙂
everyday learning
everyday learning Acum 14 ore
Can smell the _'Brasso'_ from here 👏
MickeyNZ Acum 14 ore
I always hate it when ROpost is like 480p is high quality or 1080p is 480p.
Toomas Tammes
Toomas Tammes Acum 14 ore
How much this cost?
Toomas Tammes
Toomas Tammes Acum 14 ore
can i use your idea to do something similar to my own?
Toomas Tammes
Toomas Tammes Acum 14 ore
i have thoughts on how to make it better!
Msyrf f
Msyrf f Acum 14 ore
he be makin vids like a tutorial,bruh no one can do this
s0larsystems Acum 14 ore
cable management goals
Crispy Videos
Crispy Videos Acum 15 ore
This is very cool! But you may have algae clog up the pump if its left in the sun too long.
Paras Officials
Paras Officials Acum 15 ore
bose speaker still sounds better basswise
Goodlooka Acum 15 ore
Mic Acum 16 ore
Mum: Get out of the house and play outside Matt: sure mum :)
fasicpicture Acum 16 ore
I want to see coo video with @linus, with v2
Lefix Acum 16 ore
I‘ll build this too but with an alexa on the inside instead
I am watching from Bangladesh and I really love it bro❤️
Dylan op Powers
Dylan op Powers Acum 16 ore
I really want to make that but I don’t have money a really good idea is to sell the housing you have created for a reasonable price
Alexander Buman
Alexander Buman Acum 17 ore
Would it be possible, adding a uv filter, to use sunlight as the back light itself?
Cristian Biagiotti
Cristian Biagiotti Acum 17 ore
Good job boy 👍
Ovidiu Acum 17 ore
I want to see it in the dark.
Milan Acum 18 ore
Now make stealthy controllers😅
Karthikeyan K
Karthikeyan K Acum 18 ore
Nylon Nuts
maher mcharek
maher mcharek Acum 19 ore
Your works are absolutly amazing... can you build à 3D printer please
gelo1238 Acum 19 ore
You can connect 4x 12v powersupplies in serial to get 48v. Powersupplies are insulated by transformers.
Knut Angelius Lund
Knut Angelius Lund Acum 19 ore
Will it ever run out of power?
Helena Derdić
Helena Derdić Acum 19 ore
This is a very interesting idea. I like the concept of it and it gave me an idea for my final project for school that i'll have to do. I'm wondering if you maybe know could there be a way to make speakers but in a sense that they make earbuds louder, like you somehow connect them to earbuds, or put earbuds in them somewhere and that it makes them louder and better, but so that the earbuds can still be used as earbuds?
Veikra Acum 19 ore
and here i am, using a digital signage 70 inch display in a dark basement. Still brighter than consumer tvs at 1% brightness lol
Nayeem Shaikh
Nayeem Shaikh Acum 19 ore
Could you do a DIY for making a PlayStation 2 console a portable one
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh Acum 19 ore
Was waiting for your video on weekend
tony brito
tony brito Acum 19 ore
one thing I have doubts and you weren't clear about. is the LCD panel touch capable or using that new USB-c board turn whatever LCD panel into a touch one ? I hope you answer.
rob jansen
rob jansen Acum 19 ore
How do you drill all those holes in exactly the right place by hand?
UI Developer
UI Developer Acum 20 ore
Where are you from Man, I like all your videos and especially Nature & Science you live in.
euphanasia210 Acum 20 ore
This is awesome, I think we were all waiting for the build after you made the cooling system. 😎
Rainer Weldinghand
Rainer Weldinghand Acum 20 ore
First DIY video in 2021 where I can actually press the like button!
You lack Hatred
You lack Hatred Acum 20 ore
Something: *Makes a sound* "Magnets it is! to make them completely silent"
Dedi Suhaidi
Dedi Suhaidi Acum 20 ore
I saw a tutorial on making a broken android tablet into an android tv box, but he didn't provide any explanation and most of the video is just building the case. your diy videos are much easier to follow.. can you make one like this?
Bose is Bose but it stands out
Cory Allen
Cory Allen Acum 20 ore
Can’t you use the photometer by stacking some neutral density photo filters between it and the display and then multiplying the results by the photometrics of the filters?
Vandalorian Acum 20 ore
Wool insulation would probably work even better
Hentai Senpai
Hentai Senpai Acum 20 ore
Eyy you didn't have to rub it in that my 2012 laptop is wrost then that
Grant van Niekerk
Grant van Niekerk Acum 21 oră
amazing unit. Gives me that 80's boom box on the shoulder feel, very cool. I want :-)
Michael San Pedro
Michael San Pedro Acum 21 oră
This guy is awesome, he could build anything out of nothing. Well played Tony, Well played.
Lea Stolowicz
Lea Stolowicz Acum 21 oră
Can you explain what you see on the screen from your side? Cause many times you would need to split the screen or have multiple people in one meeting
Binod Acum 22 ore
Hlo sir how do you calculate battery time,plz tell me
Alexca Alex
Alexca Alex Acum 22 ore
Wow! That's cool
Rienk van den Berg
Rienk van den Berg Acum 22 ore
Isn't it possible to use the sunlight as backlight? I like your idea but it is wasting a lot of power
Der Dödel
Der Dödel Acum 22 ore
This is not a DIY video for normal human.
Valhalla Acum 22 ore
A Burberry designed battery, what the smart set are using.
ErzTubeHD PM
ErzTubeHD PM Acum 22 ore
I like everything about it, except the need of loading the batteries external
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy Acum 22 ore
Couldn't you use the shell of a damaged laptop instead of making it yourself?
Thomas' corner
Thomas' corner Acum 23 ore
Thousands of watts of light, liquid cooling, etc. What a waste of resources to watch TV outside. This is old thinking and technology aimed at pointless and unproductive recreation. Why not at least use some of the sunlight to light up the screen? It would use less resources and create almost no heat build up. People dying from thirst in a world ravaged by climate change will look upon that video and the millions of views in a few decades as an illustration of lazy ingenuity to the service of consumption. We can do much better than this.
Kai Machner
Kai Machner Acum 23 ore
Every video is so unique, i Love it. I want to thank you for all your Videos, they helped me very much 🥰
Cosmicsamu39 Acum 23 ore
hard to believe is more powerfull than my gt1030 sorry is just too good